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Dear Writer (Marvel Poly Exchange)

Hello! Thank you, first of all! I'm super excited for what you'll write for me!

Okay, so my requests:

For ALL requests: I'm ALL about Steve, so I'd really love it to be Steve centric, and if sexy times happen at all, I'm a bottom!Steve kind of girl. Something fluffy and domestic or something heartwrenching and angsty or something adventure-y or something smutty - I'm pretty easy, as anything pretty much will please! (wide array of kinks, too!)

Captain America (comics)

I picked Steve and didn't pick a specific relationship, because there are just so many! I'd REALLY love some 80s/90s era stuff, for example Jack/Bernie/Steve, or John/Rachel/Steve, or Joshua/Steve/Sam, or (going 70s) Sharon/Steve/Leila/Sam, or something like that!

Avengers (comics) - Clint/Pietro/Wanda/Steve

Kooky Quartet foursome, yes please! I'm totally cool with the incest vibe, too, but if you don't want to do that, it makes you uncomfortable or w/e, it's cool, Pietro and Wanda don't have to have their names connected with a little relationship line, so long as they are connected with the others (and there's no "ew, sibling" within the fic)! I'd especially dig something with family with these four.

Avengers (comics) - Steve/Natasha/Jennifer

A strange combination maybe? BUT I just LOVE the idea of them together, they have their similarities, but they are also so different, and I'd love to receive something with them.

I'm also really cool with other characters popping up - no one exists in a vacuum, of course, and they all have lives outside of each other, true.

I'm super excited! :D Thank you again!!