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[sticky post] Masterlist

I give blanket permission to use my works for other transformative works. Please let me know about it, though! I'd love to see what you come up with!

101 Dalmations

Dearly Beloved Old Schoolmate (Cruella/Anita, 1829, T)


A Swell Wedding Day (Steve/Tony)
LJ | AO3

Best Part of a Fight (Bruce/Tony)
LJ | AO3

Birthday Wish (Loki/Steve)
LJ | AO3

The Dinner Date (Bruce/Steve)

The End of a Legend (Loki/Steve)
LJ | AO3

Giving Up His Shield (Steve/T'Challa)
LJ | AO3

Granted Power (Loki/Steve/Thor)
LJ | AO3

Happy Birthday From Luna Park
LJ | AO3

Imaginary Friends (Loki/Steve)

Lost Things (Steve/Natasha)

The Mixed-up Life of Jimmy/Wade Wilson Jr. (Logan/Wade)

An Old-Fashioned Man (Coulson/Steve)

The Patriot Line (Loki/Steve)
Parts: one | two

The Punishment of Loki (Loki/Steve)
LJ | AO3

Pregnant, Not Dying (Steve/Natasha)

The Romanoff Portraits (Steve/Natasha)

The Soldier and the Gentleman (Loki/Steve)
LJ | AO3

Time Outs (Loki/Natasha)
LJ | AO3

Toni Stark (5'10", Blood on Skin)

What Technology Can't Fix (Steve/Tony, Steve/Natasha)
LJ | AO3

When Steve Ran (Steve and Bucky, Steve/Tony)
LJ | AO3

Sherlock Holmes

I Am Charles


Park Outing (Dean/Cas)

White Collar

All of His Secrets
LJ | AO3