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 Dear podficcer,

First off... AHHHHH, thank you for making me a podfic, I really look forward to it! <3 <3

Okay, down to the details of my sign up and preferences:


Captain America: Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, I love the Cap family, like anything MCU or 616 or really anything Steve in general, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve.

MCU: (but not GotG or Dr. Strange) I love Steve paired with literally anyone?? I really like pretty much all the movies and all the characters? Um, Idk what to say here. steve.

TV: Agent Carter (PEEEEGGGGYYYYYYY, ship Peggy/Angie, Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Ana/Jarvis, Howard is great, I even like hate sex Peggy/CMM I can't think of his name rn), Jessica Jones (Trish in general, Jessica/Trish, Jessica/Luke), Daredevil (Matt/Foggy tropey fluff), Luke Cage (ANYTHING MISTY, I haven't technically finished watching it as of writing this but I WILL by the time ITPE reveals go up)

616: STEEEVE and Cap family, aaaaaaand there's actually a bit of Jack Monroe/Dennis Dunphy out there written by me and Amuly, but that's really great stuff. Steve. Steve. Uhhh, Steve?

Avengers Academy: JANET/NATASHA, JANET/STEVE, JANET/ANYYYYOOOONE, Steve. Steve. I'd kind of prefer NOT Steve/Tony in this verse? But Steve/Tony is okay in other verses.

Finishing School Series: Sidheag/Agatha OWNS MY HEART, but anything about our main girls is great.

Parasol Protectorate: Anything with either Alexia or Ivy (ESPECIALLY IVY) would be great.  Ivy. Ivy. Ivy. IVY <3

Due South: Romantically, I prefer Fraser/Vecchio. *ducks* But I'm multi shipper trash, and I do enjoy Fraser/Kowalski too (though Francesca/Kowalksi is my second fave pairing after F/V) and because you made it and love it, I will enjoy it! (Kowalski pining and thinking he's not good enough compared to Vecchio wrt to Fraser's affection would be AMAZING if fic like that exists. IDK, I haven't read much in the fandom.)

SG1: Sam/Janet or Jack/Teal'c

Babylon 5: DOES FRANKLIN/GARIBALDI OR FRANKLIN/MARCUS EXIST???? IDK. If it does, OMG YES. Also pretty much anything Ivanova (But not Ivanova/Talia because I don't really like Talia.)

Leverage: THE OT3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or gen anything with those three

Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot, anything Gwen really, Mithian/Elena


Adventure Zone: Hurley/Sloane or Killian/Carey (is that how they spell Carey? Audio only medium that I haven't caught up on so you know how it goes. DX)


Smallville: Clark/Lex, Martha/Lionel (SHH, it's so dark and great)

Supergirl TV: Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara

Lois & Clark: Lois/Clark

Lois Lane YA Books: Lois gen or Lois/Clark

Comics: Anything with Superman family characters, because that's where my heart lies. I love any combo of Lois/Clark/Bruce (incl OT3). I prefer goofy Kon to emo Kon.

DC Bombshells: Kate/Maggie, Diana/Mera (DOES THIS EXIST???), Diana or Mera gen, Supergirl and Stargirl, Harley/Ivy, Amanda Waller, like, anything really, if I'm honest.

Tiny Titans: TINY TITANS! \o/

DCAU (Superman, Batman, and JL): Again, any combo of Clark/Lois/Bruce, or gen JL shenanigans

IN GENERAL: I really like most genres! I love tropey stuff and I love more angsty stuff, and AUs are awesome (though i like aus where people have powers still over ones where they don't), overpowered is AMAZING, I especially love Modern Royal AUs. Death fic is totally cool, KID FIC IS SO AMAZING. PWPs hold my heart, but gen or plotty shenanigans are super fun too. I think the Hydra Trash Party is FANTASTIC, and I think fluffy snuggling is fun, too, so that should tell you something about my range of likes.

DO NOT WANT: I don't want anything to do with eating disorders, stories FOCUSING on dead siblings (refs to dead siblings are fine), or suicide.

Things Specific to Podfic in general: I LOOOOVE music and sound effects and cool other audio things, it's one thing that makes podfic so unique a medium for me. If that's not your normal bag, don't worry about it, I don't expect it! But if you DO enjoy putting those things in or would like to experiment, GO FOR IT!!

Otherwise... I don't know what to tell you? You can anon ask me questions if you want???

THANK YOU, I am sorry this letter is probably super unhelpful, but I really look forward to your podfic!!! THANK YOU! <3