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ITPE letter 2015

Dear podficcer,


Okay, so specifics, because I'm a weirdly open yet supremely picky person. (Not as scary as it sounds, trust me.)

Marvel (MCU/616)

STEEEEEEEEEEEEVE is everything, I love Steve. I love Steve having sex with people (BOTTOM STEVE ALL THE WAAAAY), I love Steve goin on adventures, I love Steve having friends, I LOVE DAD STEVE, STEVE AND SMALL CHILDREN, SO GOOD. I love Steve being alone and friendless. I love Steve injured/dying/dead. I love Steve in SOOOO MANY FLAVORS. You cannot go wrong with Steve. HOWEVER. In MCU, I prefer post-serum to pre-serum (but like, disphoria w/ is body post serum is a okay). (For 616, either is good.) Steve DOES NOT MURDER PEOPLE. He is not MEAN. He might tease friends now and then (Bucky, eg), but he is not MEAN. If he kills randos or is overly snarky or mean to people, then please do not record that for me. (likewise, he's not STUPID. He's earnest sometimes, but he's smart and quick, even if a bit socially awkward, oh, poor Steve. This is why Peggy ate him alive sexually, without a doubt.)

OTHERWISE, STEEEEEEEEEEEVE. I ship him with pretty much everyone (yes, even villains in terrible horrible relationships. Rumlow/Steve, anyone??? Hydra Trash Party centering on destroying Steve, yesssssssssssss). The exceptions are: AoS tv characters (don't watch) or Ant-Man movie people (haven't seen.) I'd be a bit more interested in a smaller ship rather than a juggernaut, because I love seeing smaller ships get more love.

Also, there DO exist some fics that involve a comics character named Jack Monroe, and I only wrote like, half of them, but those are DEFINITELY a fantastic bet as well.

Other characters that I would love stories about: Peggy Carter, Jennifer Walters, Janet Van Dyne, Sharon Carter, Bernie Rosenthal, Leila Taylor, Cassie Lang, these are all ladies, can you sense a theme.

Supeman (comics/Lois and Clark/DCAU)


But nothing related to Man of Steel/Nolan Batman or reliant on new DCU comics canon knowledge, please.

(Smallville Clark/Lex or Martha/Lionel are also fun.)

Other fandoms w/ far less complicated notes:

Parks and Rec: canon pairings, with Leslie/Ben OTP

Parasol Protectorate/Finishing School: I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR, though I have a particular fondness foe Sidheag/Agatha, but I'm pretty sure I wrote the only fic of them out there.

THINGS I LIKE (general)

KID FIC. post-apocalypse and/or zombie aus. MODERN ROYAL AUS. Heathy BDSM! Unhealthy BDSM! Consent! Non-con! PWP! Plot! Cute domestic! Tragedy! Declarations of undying love! Cheating and complex feelings of falling in and out of love but still loving people too and all the complicated messy things that accompany that! Polyamory! um, yes, a lot of these are on other sides of spectrums, I am aware. Tooooooons of kinks, too, like, whoa on the kinks. Um. LOTS OF STUFF, I LIKE LOTS OF STUFF IS WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY.


Steve being a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick or a murderer. CHARACTER HATE/BASHING, fuck that shit.

Um, if you need more guidance, you can message me anon on tumblr or ask here or something, idk.