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Dear Podficcer

Thank you so much, first of all! I hope that, first and foremost, you have fun doing whatever you do. I'm really excited! Okay, so here are my preferences:

Marvel: Steve is my favorite, and I prefer bottom!Steve if there are sexy times. So anything Steve-centric rocks. I ship him with (nearly) EVERYONE. I really love his friends, too, if one chooses, for example, the comics and wants to record a fic about Sam or Bernie or Rachel or Sharon or Leila or Arnie or Dennis or Bucky, oh, and the Invaders, of course, or the USO girls/howling commandos in MCU, etc. etc. etc. I'd prefer MCU or 616, but am down with other universes (EMH, AA, Marvel Adventures, etc. etc.). But anyway. Steve. or his friends. Or Steve and his friends. sexy times Steve. yeah. Or something with Jennifer Walters would be super amazing. She's my second favorite, after Steve. (Note: Although I've been working on reading comics, I'm not very familiar with any canon that's happened in the last ten years or so, so maybe not something SUPER dependent on canon knowledge of that.)

Superman (pre-new 52 comics, DCAU, Lois and Clark): Clark and Lois are the beeeeest. Fave pairings are: Clark/Lois, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Lois/Bruce. Haven't read very many of his comic storylines, so maybe not something SUPER dependent on having read a certain comic first, but otherwise, yup.

I like both canon and AU based things, I like both light and really dark things. I like a lot of different kinks, but i like non-sex related stories, too. So. Mostly, I want you to have fun making something, so if you like the story and think I might to - please!

Thank you!